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【Car fan】Introduction of two major features

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
1. The car fan works with a long cylindrical air duct (the diameter of the fan blades of the air duct is relatively large). Because of the large diameter, it can use a relatively low speed on the basis of ensuring the overall air circulation. , Reduce the noise caused by high-speed operation; u003cbru003e2. The impellers of car fans are carefully calculated, deliberately making the distance between the fan blades disorderly, presenting a 'unequal distance' situation: why is it not waiting like DC fan blades? Distance? This is because the audio generated by the rotating wind wheel and the air is 'irregularThere are two types of noise, narrow-band noise and broadband noise. Regular narrow-band noise is easy to attract people’s attention and annoys people; while car fan broadband noise is relatively close to the natural noise situation, although it cannot be eliminated, it is relatively 'hard to hear'. People are not so upset. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eRelated links: u003cbru003eCar fan manufacturer http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d61 u003cbru003eCar cooling fan http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d62
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