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[Car cooling fan manufacturers]-teach you how to deal with the overheating problem of cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Nowadays, for the convenience of work, most IT members have their own cars to back up data, search for information and process files. For many users, they all face the same problem, that is, the car makes a long time. , The temperature of the car's cooling fan will be very hot and generate heat. It’s normal for the normal temperature to be a little hot, because the radiator fan is a big heat generator in the car. It is normal to generate heat, but some of the temperature is ridiculously high, and you will even get burned when you put it on your hand. It is very abnormal in this situation. If the temperature of the cooling fan is too high, it will burn the cooling fan, so how to deal with the overheating problem of the cooling fan? The following is the Wenling cooling fan manufacturer-Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioning Technician to tell you how to deal with the overheating of the car cooling fan:    The car is a reduced version of the computer, because it is smaller than a desktop car and has a relatively narrow operating space, so it can dissipate heat. The heat is the same as the desktop, so it is generally more difficult to dissipate heat than the desktop. Of course, with the progress of society and the continuous development of people, cars are now doing better in terms of heat dissipation than before. Some bottoms can also be added with auxiliary heat dissipation tools-cooling fan base. Basically, the crash caused by high temperature has been solved. But even so, there are still many things that need attention. For example: keep a good working environment at all times, don't block the heat dissipation outlet, don't eat snack pieces falling into the gap of the keyboard, many problems are caused by people's lack of attention to details. If due to a long time, there are too many debris and dust on the keyboard, the gap between the keyboard cannot be ventilated. Solution: You don’t need to disassemble the machine, use a business card, cut it into strips, stick double-sided tape on both ends, drag back and forth between the keyboard, the effect will be great!   If the new car is no problem, after a year and a half After loading, there will be heat generation, which may be due to the poor use environment, which causes too much dust and blocks the ventilation channels, so that the heat dissipation is not good and the temperature rises too fast. At this time, try to clean the dust inside the case. Treatment method: first turn it off, then unscrew the screw at the position of the cooling fan, and remove the back cover. Finally, use small cleaning tools, such as used toothbrushes, brushes, etc., to gently sweep away the dust adsorbed on the cooling fan blades, and then cover the back cover and run it. Of course, if you want to clean it More thorough, you can take it to the car shop to clean up the dust, and the approximate price is between 30 yuan and 50 yuan.   If there is no improvement after cleaning the dust, it is because the machine is aging or the cooling fan itself has a problem. If it is a new machine, it is the quality of the cooling fan. Solution: You can configure a cooling base and use a USB socket to solve the problem. Or change to another cooling fan. Finally, the air outlet must not be blocked. If it is really blocked and there is no wind at all, then it cannot be underestimated. Treatment method: When the machine is turned off, you can use a small steel wire or toothpicks to unblock it. After passing through, use electric wind to blow vigorously against the outlet until the outlet can be ventilated smoothly. The above are the reasons for the overheating of the car and the treatment method. I hope to help you. For more relevant information, please pay attention to our heat dissipation fan knowledge page. Our company is a professional manufacturer of heat dissipation fans in various industries such as automobiles, automobiles, and medical treatment. , Brand business, first-class quality and service, you are welcome to consult and exchange.
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