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Car cleaning method of axial flow fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the advent of autumn winter season, the weather is becoming more and more cold, hot summer period f through go to, the car nature is empty, and it is more lively bacterial growth season of fall, car inside is easy to shelter evil people and practices, so we use finished cars in summer, autumn comes when must be the car to stop a deep clean. Clearing car cover and mesh. Due to the use of time is too long, cover and screen can accumulate a lot of dust, so this is also our demand attention in two, common in indoor car cover and mesh oil should also won't too much, only need to tear open come down to wash clean can. The liquidation auto axial flow fan is under the screen of a long shaft, it looks simple surrounded by dirt. Be removed, with a professional clean things to liquidate around in the dirt. Due to the axial flow fan is auto machine, can't open it, therefore, must be the professional operation, otherwise very easy incur machine was damaged. Clean shell separate-bodied air-conditioners, which is in part is mainly on the cooling effect, the outdoor air also through it to stop circulation exchange, some close to the lampblack of separate-bodied air-conditioners could absorb a large number of lampblack, these are incompatible with the air fresh elements. Home users of separate-bodied air-conditioners just washed with clear water only can, if lampblack heavy or on the road of separate-bodied air-conditioners, it needs some cleaning fluid to stop cleaning.
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