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【 Car ac fan 】 Careful cleaning, concentrate on manufacturing!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Car ac fan 】 Careful cleaning, concentrate on manufacturing!
the fan on two small screws, screw them down, close to the outlet side is loose. Gently open the fan the metal card buckles, fan on one side of the cover plate can be opened and note card buckle don't open the Angle is too large, so as not to lose elasticity, when in the back of the card is not tight. Open the fan, the fan inside is disastrous, all kinds of gathering dust, especially the fan blades but also accumulated a thick layer. In simple with brush to brush off again, I suggest you use paper towels or cotton cloth after carefully wipe the water over the blade, zui good don't use some organic solvents, because it is easy to cause blades with affinity, under the high temperature baking is easier to make blades brittle, accelerated aging, the water is on. Clean up after careful patience, fan look brand-new.

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