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Can the power of the cooling fan be reduced when the air volume remains the same?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Can a cooling fan with high power, large air volume and low current be ok? We often say that the power is large and the current is large, the air volume is large, and the power is small when the current is small. In fact, it can be achieved in a certain area. A recently made 7025 12V DC fan has a current of 0.43A at 4800 rpm. After changing the design, the speed is still 4800 rpm and the air volume remains unchanged. The current is only 0.27A, and the power is nearly 40% lower. We will switch to energy-saving drive chips, use power-saving silicon steel sheets and thickened rotor magnetic strips, etc., in order to reduce the current of the cooling fan
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