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Can the oil-impregnated copper-sleeved loose-action fan be used in high-temperature environments?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Cooling fans are mostly used to dissipate heat in very warm environments, such as 40 degrees. Therefore, for certain high-temperature environments, such as 70 degrees and 80 degrees, low-cost oil-containing copper sleeve type cooling fans are used. , Is it feasible? This may depend on the customer's quality requirements and warranty requirements for cooling fans? First, if the customer does not care if the cooling fan is noisy after a few months and one year, or if the fractional fan does not rotate after one year, the customer can accept the replacement of the new product for warranty. This is OK. Second, if the cooling fan It is not the effect of exhausting the heat, but sucking the cold air from the outside to the heat source, and the temperature of the cooling fan itself is not too high, less than 40 degrees, this is not a big problem, on the contrary, it cannot be used, and the risk is high. The cooling fan manufacturer recommends that for customers' products long-term use of cooling fans at a high temperature of more than 70 degrees, and high quality requirements, it is not allowed to have a bad fan within 3 years, and it is recommended to use imported double-ball bearing cooling fans. Guaranteed, oil-bearing copper sleeve type heat dissipation risk is greater. The main reason is the oil-contained cooling fan, which is resistant to temperature differences, poor dust resistance and short life. Welcome to the heat dissipation classroom and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and represents only personal opinions. Please do not reprint the whole article. Any violation will be held for legal responsibility. If you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please Click on the product center
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