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Can the inventory of the cooling fan manufacturer be purchased?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
For various reasons, some customers need to buy cooling fans, and it is best to stock them. Can I buy second-hand cooling fans in stock? We need to analyze from two aspects. At present, there are two channels that can provide inventory. One is the cooling fan manufacturer, and the other is the retailer. If the inventory of the cooling fan manufacturer is not the product after the customer has used it, it may be because of one or other reasons. , Become inventory, as long as the time is not too long, it is more assured. Most manufacturers will make it clear to you that the detailed parameters of the inventory will tell you that they will be given to you after your confirmation. Basically, you can ensure the consistency of the product and find the inventory provided by the cooling fan manufacturer that meets the parameters. , Then you are blessed. However, it is difficult to come across. It is either that the parameters do not match, or there is no inventory in the hands of the cooling fan manufacturer, the stock retailer, and there are two types. One is the foreign garbage imported from overseas. For retail businesses, most of them are not particularly particular about the voltage and size, which can be installed and rotated. As for how long it can be used, what parameters are it, and how many rotations it rotates. Basically, I don’t care. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the purchase of inventory cooling fans. If it is just a preliminary sample, you can confirm the direction of the product. It is faster to find the retailer. They have ready-made ones. If you enter the final stage of mass production, it is best to find the manufacturer to customize the sample to confirm the consistency of the later product
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