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Can the cooling fan be exposed to rain?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
For some products used outdoors, when they use the cooling fan, they will ask a question, that is, does rain affect the cooling fan? In other words, can it be made rainproof? Conventional cooling fans are not protected against water. For some special occasions, such as outdoors, the cooling fan manufacturer can be required to make waterproof designs. Simpler waterproof treatments are like refrigerators and air conditioners, which are also called moisture-proof treatments. . More reliable waterproof protection generally involves vacuum coating of the motor, and coating the PCB board and motor coil. It is not a big problem if it is rained. Basically, there are cooling fan models that can be used for the above two types of waterproof protection. The second type The cost will be much higher than the first type, and the effect will be much better.
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