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Can I request a terminal for the sample requested by the manufacturer of the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Cooling fan manufacturers are different from other accessory manufacturers, such as screw manufacturers, capacitor manufacturers, and transistor manufacturers. They ask the screw manufacturers to have an M3 screw. The manufacturer can give you a pack or make a pack immediately, but if you If it’s smaller, such as M3.2, or the screw cap a bit thicker, the manufacturer can’t give it to you right away. It’s the same with the cooling fan. The 6025 fan from the manufacturer is just like that. Add a terminal to change a wire. It’s too long. Although the cooling fan manufacturer is an accessory, it is actually tailor-made according to customer requirements. Therefore, you need to add a terminal, change a wire length, or how much wind to design, and the voltage should be designed to be How much, these can be based on customer requirements. Cooling fan manufacturers have almost no inventory. Therefore, those merchants who have stock are either agents, high retail sales, or second-hand goods merchants. But there is one thing, when the cooling fan is completed, adding terminals will be much less labor than making sure to add terminals before starting production.
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