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Cabinet axial cooling fan is how to install and work

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The working principle of axial fan, axial fan gets its name from the fluid from the axial flow impeller along the axial flow out. Its working principle based on the theory of Ye Yi type: gas from an Angle of attack. Enters the impeller, the wing back to create a lift, at the same time on the wing abdomen produces an equal force in the opposite direction, the force that gas discharge spiral impeller along the axial movement forward. At the same time, the function of the fan inlet due to differential pressure, gas being inhaled. The moving blade adjustable axial fan, the greater the Angle of attack, the greater the wing back perimeter, the lift force, the greater the fan, the greater the pressure difference and air volume is smaller. When the attack Angle reaches a critical value, the gas will leave wing back vortices of lines, that generates fan pressure drop dramatically and stalling phenomenon. The effect of fluid in axial fan is not affected by centrifugal force, so the higher static pressure due to centrifugal force role for zero, thus it can be produced by head is far lower than the centrifugal fan. So generally is suitable for large capacity low head, high RPM range. Axial thermal heat dissipation fan blade pushing air direction is the same as the axis. Axial flow fan impeller similar to propeller. When it works, most of the flow direction parallel to the axis, in other words, along the axial direction. When free air inlet flow rate is zero static pressure, axial flow fan of low power consumption, and with the increase of air reverse pressure, increase power consumption. Axial flow fan is usually installed in the electrical equipment within the cabinet, sometimes are integrated in the motor. Because of its compact structure, saving space, easy installation, and widely used. Centrifugal fan is working, blade air moving along the direction perpendicular to the axis ( The radial) , inlet flow along axis direction, export air perpendicular to the axis direction. In most cases, can be done by using shaft diaspora hot fan cooling effect wrapped. However, if the air need to rotate 90 degrees or air pressure is bigger, you must choose the centrifugal fan. Strictly speaking, the fan also belong to centrifugal fan. Mixed flow fan is also called the diagonal flow fan. At first glance, mixed flow and axial flow fan fan no difference. In fact, the entry of the mixed flow fan is along the axis, and exports are along the diagonal direction of the axis and vertical axis. The fan because of its tapered leaf and cover, so has the high air pressure. Compared with axial flow fan, centrifugal fan noise is low, into and out of the wind is perpendicular to the axis, the same size and performance. Of cross flow fan with relatively long fan impeller. The diameter of the bucket fan is larger. , because of the large diameter on the basis of guarantee the overall air circulation, can use relatively low rotational speed, thus decreasing the noise when running.
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