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Briefly understand the various protection tests of [Automotive AC Fan]

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Automobile AC fans absorb the advantages of AC fans and automobile bearings. This fan adopts the form of rolling friction and uses two ball bearings. There are several tiny steel balls around the axis. When the fan or axis rotates, the steel balls are Follow the rotation. Because they are all spheres, the friction is small and there is no problem of oil leakage. However, relative to this problem, various protection tests for automobile AC fans are also necessary. Below, the editor will tell you about automobile AC fans. Kind of protection detection. u003cbru003e1. Swivel lock protection u003cbru003e1. Several fan blades are connected together and fixed to restrict their rotation. If the fan and electronic components are not damaged, the fan can automatically restart the rotation if the components that restrict the rotation are loosened. u003cbru003e2. For fans with low current or with Autostart function, the fan blades are locked when the power is turned on. After 72 hours, the locked fan blades are released, and the fan automatically restarts immediately to prove that the fan is normal. u003cbru003e3. Fans with high current or without Autostart function cannot be locked for a long time, otherwise the fan will be overheated and damaged. u003cbru003eTwo, polarity protection u003cbru003e1. Under the condition of normal voltage, if the fan is powered on for 15 minutes by reversely connecting the power supply, and then reconnecting with the normal two poles after power off, all functions will be normal u003cbru003eThree, free fall u003cbru003eThe single body is dropped from a height of 600mm onto a 30mm thick wooden board. Any one and one corner of the 6 surfaces of the fan can withstand the drop test, and it is confirmed that there is no damage. u003cbru003e2.4. Insulation resistance u003cbru003eUnder the condition of 500V direct current, the resistance between the outer frame and the positive pole of the wire is not less than 10MΩ u003cbru003e2.5. Insulation strength u003cbru003eUnder the condition of 5mA leakage current and AC500V for 60 seconds, there is no abnormality between the fan frame and the wire, which proves that the insulation is good. u003cbru003eIf you have any questions about the above statement, you are welcome to contact us, we have a professional team to answer your questions!
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