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Brief introduction of car cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The scorching heat is unbearable, and I can't wait to let the 'plantain fan' cool in the wind. at this time. Everyone is paying more and more attention to the various cooling fans in cars. With the continuous improvement of cooling fan/GPU and even chipset performance, better heat dissipation has become the basic guarantee for the stable operation of high-performance chips. Compared with passive heat dissipation methods such as heat pipes, liquid cooling and semiconductor refrigeration, which are more costly, active radiators such as heat dissipation fans are cheaper and easier to install. So the application is the most extensive. Then, the following is the Wenling cooling fan manufacturer-Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioning Cooling Fan Technician to explain the relevant knowledge and selection points of the car cooling fan: The cooling fan does not exist alone. In most cases, it will be used in conjunction with the heat sink. Cooling fan cooling fan, graphics card cooling fan, cooling fan, north (south) bridge cooling fan, chassis cooling fan, hard drive cooling fan, power cooling fan, etc. The basic structure of the cooling fan is generally composed of motors, bearings, blades, housing (including fixing holes), power plugs and wires. The motor is the core of the cooling fan. It is generally composed of a stator and a rotor. The stationary part of the motor is called the stator. The part that rotates when it is running is called the rotor. There are two types of DC motor speed regulation: voltage regulation and frequency regulation. The latter is currently the mainstream application. It can well realize the on-demand control of the cooling fan speed. The temperature-controlled cooling fan can be changed by adding a thermistor on the PCB to sense temperature changes. The higher the temperature, the faster the speed of the cooling fan. However, why are the radiating fan blades singular? This is because it is necessary to maintain a balanced operation of the radiator fan and minimize the impact of resonance. The singular fan blade is the best choice. It is difficult to achieve an even number on the mold. Symmetrical points are balanced. So for the cooling fan, it is not a good thing to be a double; 'good things are not all good.' In the choice of the cooling fan, we often compare the wind pressure and the air volume. The wind pressure and the air volume are for normal ventilation. The resistance of the cooling fan during the ventilation stroke needs to be overcome, and the cooling fan must generate pressure to overcome the air supply resistance. This It is wind pressure. The wind pressure is an important indicator to measure the performance of the cooling fan. The wind pressure mainly depends on the shape, area, height and speed of the fan blade. The faster the speed, the larger the fan blade. The higher the wind pressure is, the air duct design of the heat sink can better maintain the wind pressure of the cooling fan. The air volume is the total volume of air sent or sucked by the air-cooled per minute. In the case of the same material of the heat sink, the air volume is the most important index to measure the heat dissipation capacity of the air-cooled radiator. The larger the cooling fan, the greater the air volume. The air volume can take away more heat per unit time. If the air volume is compared to the swing force of a weapon, then the wind pressure is the sharpness of the weapon. With other conditions unchanged, the actual air volume plays a decisive role in the effect of the cooling fan. The cooling fan with aluminum fins has higher requirements for wind pressure. Copper fins require large air volume. The denser the fins, the higher the wind pressure requirements. Otherwise, the air flow between the fins will not be smooth. In terms of design, in addition to the general design mentioned above, the design of the heat dissipation fan has also adopted some very special designs. Through the application of newer technologies and processes, it can better meet the needs of users. The radiating fan is dustproof, and all parts of the air flow through long-term use will be covered with a thick layer of dust. This will lead to poor air flow. Increase the weight of the blade. Reduce the speed or increase the motor load. It may even cause damage to the radiator. For this reason, some cooling fan manufacturers also have their own unique tricks in dust prevention. For example, some manufacturers on the market install 'dust-proof nets' on the outside of the cooling fans. However, they must be cleaned regularly, otherwise the dust-proof nets will also cause unnecessary heat dissipation troubles. Some products have introduced a so-called brand-new dust-proof design, changing the dust deposit near the shaft to a closed shape, and at the same time optimizing the wind direction of the wind, so that dust has nowhere to hide. The service life of the cooling fan can be greatly increased, and the use is more assured. In short, the cooling fan is an inconspicuous category in all auto parts. But it is essential. A heat dissipation fan with excellent performance can well meet the needs of car hardware heat dissipation. It becomes the protector of the stable operation of the car. For a cooling fan to have strong performance, it needs the cooling fan as a whole to deal with all the details to the best performance. Cooling fans with large air volume. Wind pressure will be sacrificed. The wind pressure is high. The air volume will decrease. The speed of the cooling fan is not necessarily related to the heat dissipation capacity. Higher speed will bring greater noise. When the speed has reached the limit, to increase the air volume, the only way to increase the angle of the fan blade or increase the number of blades It is proportional to the air volume. However, the number of fan blades is not as much as possible. It needs to be considered according to the required air volume and pressure. When the blades have high air volume, the noise of the cooling fan will naturally increase. Well, the above is the relevant knowledge of automobile cooling fans. Our company Wenling Tongchi Automobile Air Conditioner is a cooling fan manufacturer specializing in the development and production of cooling fans, DC cooling fans, and DC Peng fans. Quality assurance and first-class service are welcome. Friends came to consult and purchase. .
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