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Big knowledge of small fans-introduction to the operation principle of cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Operating principle of DC cooling fan: According to the right-hand rule of Ampere, a magnetic field will be generated around a conductor passing current. If the conductor is placed in another fixed magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion, causing the object to move. Inside the fan blade of the DC cooling fan, a rubber magnet pre-charged with magnetism is attached. Surrounding the silicon steel sheet, the shaft is wound with two sets of coils, and the Hall induction component is used as a synchronous detection device to control a set of circuits that make the two sets of coils wound on the shaft work in turn. The silicon steel sheet produces different magnetic poles, and the magnetic poles and the rubber magnet produce repulsive force. When the repulsive force is greater than the static friction of the cooling fan, the fan blade rotates naturally. Since the Hall sensor component provides the synchronization signal, the fan can continue to operate. As for the direction of rotation, it can be determined according to Fleming's right-hand rule. AC cooling fan operation principle: The difference between AC cooling fan and DC cooling fan. The former power supply is AC, and the power supply voltage will alternate between positive and negative. Unlike the DC cooling fan, which has a fixed power supply voltage, it must rely on circuit control to make the two sets of coils work in turn to generate different magnetic fields. The AC cooling fan has a fixed power frequency, so the magnetic pole change speed generated by the silicon steel sheet is determined by the power frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic field switching speed. Theoretically, the faster the rotation speed, just like the more poles of the DC cooling fan, the faster the rotation speed. The principle is the same. However, the frequency should not be too fast, too fast will cause difficulty in starting. Car radiator fan factory has been working hard in the cooling fan industry, adhering to the goal of pursuing the highest customer satisfaction, and providing customers with the most cost-effective cooling solutions. MFAN brand fans of automobile radiator fan factory are sold to all parts of the country and overseas markets. If there is any demand, please consult.
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