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Bearing selection of dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We all know that there are two ways to get the car radiator cooling fan, one is air cooled, is a kind of water. Air cooling is the most traditional way of cooling and water cooling system is the latest, while the water is more strong than air cooling heat dissipation ability, but its cost is also very expensive, ordinary people can't afford to use commonly, now every family with most still is air cooling mode, but the wind cooling the biggest drawback is noisy, there are many factors that can make the radiator cooling fan noise, including the cooling fan speed, the size of the cooling fan, cooling fan of dynamic balance, using the environment, and so on. One of the most important factor is the cooling fan, the kinds of bearing you with cooling fan models, but the internal structure of radiator cooling fan bearings may not understand, just below the brand businesses 【 possessing dc cooling fan YiRongChuan 】 Tell you how to choose the dc cooling fan bearings. Bearings are generally divided into three categories of dc cooling fan, oil bearing, ball bearing, magnetic levitation bearing. Radiator cooling fan bearings generally suggest that had better choose ball bearing, because the stand or fall of bearing directly decide the life of the radiator cooling fan, ball bearing system has been proved to have the characteristics of high efficiency and low calorific. Ball bearing rolling friction, the metal bead rolling, contact surface is small, small friction coefficient; And oil bearing for sliding friction, contact area is large, use for a long time, after oil volatilization, bearing is easy to wear and friction coefficient is big, the noise caused by the late life is short. The cooling fan with good quality in addition to the large air quantity, high wind pressure, the reliability is also very important, the bearing in the form of cooling fan with this is very important. High speed cooling fan shall use ball bearing and slow cooling fan is used cheap oil bearing. Oil bearing cooling fan with a bearing; And ball bearing cooling fan will need two bearing, ball bearing, still with the composition of the oil bearing. More advanced than single ball is double ball bearing, oil bearing life in general is 10000 hours, the single ball bearing for 30000 hours, the double ball bearings for more than 50000 hours. Used in the cooling fan oil bearing the copper base powder sintering and become, use oily add lubricating oil to reduce the number of sliding friction bearing and lubricating oil by lithium grease and oil special modulation. With long time of operation, the bearing inner oil can evaporate and dry, the friction coefficient increases, the cooling fan operation affected, may appear different sound, speed slow don't even turn phenomenon. And ball bearing replaced by rolling friction for sliding friction, low friction coefficient and overcomes the drawback of the coefficient of friction can become, and running stability is strong, relatively is much longer service life. Well, that is the knowledge of the bearing selection of dc cooling fan, as to how to choose, of course, still should see combined with the actual, in what place. Hope the above knowledge can help you, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is a professional research and development production radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan peng suppliers, radiator cooling fan industry leader, more than ten years experience in Taiwanese, quality and service are guaranteed. Dc cooling fan are complete in specifications, welcome everyone to come to purchase and the price of dc cooling fan.
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