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Axis diaspora hot fan several matters that should pay attention to

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fan is one of the most common type, its use for ventilation achieved good results, but the fan's using effect is good, also look at how users in the use of maintenance and maintenance, in the fan of the whole process including the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the three important stages, in order to guarantee the use effect of the fan, we need to pay attention to some fan in the three stages need to pay attention to some of the problems and issues. Debugging stage is in the fan installed after the next link, the debugging of the main purpose is to find problems and solve problems, if some problem not timely in the debugging, we found that the use effect of the fan will be affected by these problems, some problems that how to find the fan in the installation? The following is 【 by possessing thermal cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning 】 Share for you. Check whether the fan rotation is flexible, blade sticking friction phenomenon. There is no tool and impurities fan and adjacent pipes. If found no problems in debugging, we can be a formal use. The use effect of the fan will be affected by pressure, air volume, power, etc, how to let fan under limited energy maximum value, lies in how we in use for adjustment of the fan. To monitor the current motor. Fan load symbol is not current, fan anomalies in fan used to strengthen the attention, once appear fan vibration, abnormal noise or friction phenomenon is more serious is the case, must be timely solve, or the use effect of the fan will be discounted. Many users are directly downtime, blower fan to make after use and later maintenance and maintenance, so as to keep the fan in the next time you use a better effect, after each use, all want to test the lubrication system, once found the phenomenon such as lack of oil and oil to complement in time, otherwise the fan more due to lack of oil phenomenon in the use of wear and tear parts of the fan will cause great damage. Above is the axis diaspora hot several matters that should pay attention to, hope to be of help, the more heat radiator fan knowledge stay tuned 'possessing YiRongChuan'
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