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Axis diaspora hot fan air volume influence factors and its installation method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axis diaspora heat application is very broad, with the same direction of the airflow, the wind leaf axis is known as the 'axial flow' because gas flow parallel to the cooling fan axis. Axis diaspora hot air volume of fan is by the size of the blades, the wind leaf speed level to the decision, mainly rely on it to complete the process of ventilated take a breath of air volume, and affect the shaft diaspora fan air volume because there are a lot of heat, impeller diameter, blade Angle and leaf number, shaft diaspora hot fan motor speed, the size of the motor can affect the cooling fan air volume from the side, the effective throughput of the cooling fan will fluctuate. In addition to the internal factors of the cooling fan itself, and the temperature of the cooling fan use, air density and use of the site elevations, atmospheric pressure, dye layer resistance and resistance to the influence of the cooling fan air volume. Diaspora hot wind pressure directly affect the shaft fan blowing distance, pay special attention to when choosing a shaft diaspora heat fan, air volume and air pressure of the cooling fan is one of the important indicators to measure the cooling fan, there are also influenced by many other factors, the influence of the cooling fan is running, has the use of external factors influence, just make sure the cooling fan in the standard under the condition of use, can extend the life, and to ensure the high efficiency running. Shaft diaspora hot fan installation: preparation: unpacking check the cooling fan parts is complete, the casing external ever bruised, special attention should be paid to the head rectifier collision deformation, connection parts are close together, blade motor without damage, the impeller rotation is flexible, such as repair and adjustment must be paid to the problem found. Check the cooling fan installed base, it must have enough strength and stiffness, to ensure that can bear the load of the cooling fan operation, at the same time, check the foundation and the cooling fan connection size meets the design requirements. Install items: 1, the cooling fan lie to install shock absorber through the connecting bolt fixed in the cooling fan base, with center high level height adjustment plate to adjust the shock absorber, the cooling fan with the retaining bolt connection on the basis of solid have been welded in sheet metal, such as the cooling fan due to reasons such as seismic without shock absorber, the screw hole on the heat dissipation fan base and on the basis of the embedded bolt connection can be directly. 2, the basic requirement of side wall installed horizontal cooling fan and lie to install the same type, only made oblique arm supporting type of mount bracket, bracket should have sufficient strength and rigidity, more than 10 # cooling fan should not be used in a such installations. 3, hanging installation will first shock absorber and the cooling fan with bolt connection into an organic whole, shock absorber installation, decorate in the cooling fan on both sides of the center of gravity, directly insert the cooling fan ascend installed on the hanging bracket, the height of the hanging bracket, depending on the actual distance by the user, 16 # above the cooling fan don't usually use this installation type. 4, install the cooling fan vertical vertical installation method and lay down type installation, strength and stiffness requirements for the cooling fan base is more strict. 5, the cooling fan and pipeline connection on both ends must adopt flexible joint, to isolate vibration and protect the cooling fan. Chi automotive air conditioning is a set research and development, marketing and after-sales service in a body specialized cooling fan manufacturer. Buy the diaspora thermal fan, axial seek chi automotive air conditioning, chi automotive air conditioning is a professional shaft diaspora hot fan manufacturer. Tong chi since entering the field of the cooling fan, always adhere to the cooperation with aviation scientific research units, combining aviation technology and the cooling fan technology, established the company characteristic of science and technology enterprises. Tong chi persist in integrating the essence of the cooling fan equipment both at home and abroad, 'chi' brand, independent research and development into a complete product specifications, production strength, full of potential cooling fan manufacturer, is one of the important production base of domestic cooling fan.
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