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Axis diaspora hot blades is how to slow down the corrosion

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Fan blade corrosion wear is often see a situation, because of the fan blade generally thin, if the in-situ welding technology can affect the dynamic balance of the fan, and generally no corrosion, surfacing can adopt KN17 macromolecule polymer coating, this coating has simple construction, containing fan ceramic particles and the polymer, is a kind of simple and feasible repairing method. The diaspora thermal blade axial application in the chemical industry is a problem, during the long run, chemical raw materials will lead to corrosion of the product. Here is a simple introduce everyone to scatter thermal blade axial ways to slow the progress of the corrosion. Axis diaspora hot blade material choice is very important, because material and start the requirement is different, so we need different models. After the model and the main parameters, the corrosion resistance of different data according to different environment, physical and chemical performance, price and other factors, fundamentally determine intensity data, according to the data itself, the target material is according to the full. Good design can extend the using life of equipment, and ensure the equipment according to the whole, in the structure design, a design flaw corrosion is stress concentration trend of rapid and clearance environment, in some cases, the corrosion rate are still small, but may be forming crack in the metal in solution. This is due to a change in the chemical and electrochemical states inside solution due to the serious result of crevice corrosion. Corrosion control of one of the basic idea is to isolate the corrosion environment, in the design of shaft diaspora hot blades, often use the surface treatment methods, such as flange, zinc plating, chrome plating and electroless plating, the method is effective in many environments. Hope I can help you know, there is need can contact us.
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