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Axial flow fan stalling processing method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan used a long time, some cannot predict the fault such as fan suddenly turned, or when the fast slowly, when appear unstable situation, but the reasons for this failure has a lot of, some users may will directly replacing the fan appear this kind of situation, however, want to buy one or two maintenance is relatively difficult, so we should how to deal with? The causes of these failures and the solution is what? As follows:

1, when the cooling fan rotation during running very slowly, even when you don't turn, is likely to be the one reason is that a cooling fan speed without radiator work to the normal speed, so that a cooling fan to reach its operating power, would be a turn slowly don't even turn consequences, the cooling effect is also as before.

solution: can be appropriate for a cooling fan blades for some adjustment, to make it speed can meet the corresponding requirement motivation of the radiator.

2, cooling fan is working for a long time at high temperature, easy to cause the cooling fan of lubricating oil volatilization, lead to the fan does not turn or turn slowly.

solution: can be used to try to turn a force, if there are signs of micro or rotational resistance is very large, it shows that the cooling fan is no problem, just lubricating oil volatilization, the cooling fan of the box can be removed, generally in the reverse side with the stickers, but off, then can see the axis of the fan, add some oil, turn a few times more with the hand, feel no resistance, to go back to mount.

3, cooling fan dust piled up too high, does not maintain at ordinary times, due to the cooling fan work environment dust is bigger, and the use for a long time and didn't clean before, is likely caused by the power of the cooling fan for dust too much turns up, this is mainly due to the heat accumulation inside the cooling fan is becoming more and more cause power internal cooling fan, a power supply is not stable, lead to the unstable operation.

solution: for a cooling fan for maintenance on a regular basis.

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