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Axial flow fan cooling water system

by:TOCH     2021-01-27

axial flow fan cooling water system of axial flow fan cooling water system by the power supply & ndash; — The pump and the composition of cold water pipeline. Research on cold water system, mainly involves the following questions: the constant flow of axial flow fan, variable flow of axial flow fan, small flow running large temperature difference and cold water side of the cold water pipes. Constant flow axial flow fan is set with a constant flow in pipe flow distributor device of axial flow fan, to ensure that a certain amount of flow and heat transfer. According to the different models of axial flow fan configuration of different water device, regardless of the position of the axial flow fan layout and piping, can guarantee the setting of traffic, can solving the hydraulic imbalance phenomenon in the air conditioning water system. Xu Dongsheng [ 8] To set the water element in axial flow fan performance characteristics and application in design of air conditioning system is analyzed, it is concluded that the advantages and disadvantages of this technology in engineering application. [ 9] Is based on the working principle of two kinds of valves, using range and contrast analysis of engineering examples, this paper introduces the two kinds of balancing valves in the water system in different applications. Variable flow axial flow fan is actually allowed axial flow fan according to the different cold and hot load to the variable water volume adjustment, cold water can be solved the transmission power and the cold source of operating cost. When air conditioning system with variable flow operation, the operating characteristics of the whole system will also change. [ 10] Axial flow fan is analyzed using variable water, caused by the heat, sensible heat and latent heat and cooling capacity for the law of the return water temperature difference, analyzes the mechanism of the change result in higher indoor relative humidity, and puts forward the solution to this problem. Axial flow fan is installed independently, can be distributed to each of the need for air conditioning room, is advantageous for the individual to adjust and control. Obviously, room location need to configure the different length, diameter of conveying pipe. And axial flow fan is an obvious weakness is very strict to the requirement of water, cold water flow changes in unit, the quantity of cooling that cause the change of indoor temperature and humidity parameters. Therefore, must be strictly of axial flow fan light pipe network hydraulic calculation, ensure the coil water flow to meet the design requirements. Ms li rong [ 11] Discussing the issue of air conditioning system hydraulic balance, this paper introduces the feature and function of the balance valve, and its application in engineering. [ 12] An analysis of the hydraulic pipe network, using the distribution optimization strategy for solving axial flow fan pipe diameter optimization, convergence speed is improved greatly than that of the genetic algorithm. Large temperature difference air conditioning technology, also belong to the category of new technology in the world, although has entered the stage of practical application, but there are still many problems need to be in-depth research and resolution. Large temperature difference air conditioning system research, mainly including low temperature air supply system, large temperature difference of conventional air conditioning system, large temperature difference air supply and air conditioning chilled water large temperature difference of the three aspects of research, the last of these is what this article is to discuss the problem. Ingyinpin [ 13, 14] To the large temperature difference air conditioning cold water system efficiency are analyzed, and the results show that the cold water temperature changes impact on the energy consumption of chiller is not big, but cold water reduction can reduce the energy consumption of water pump, which is an investment can be reduced. In addition, water chiller, air conditioning unit and selection of pump and so on, this paper introduces the design method of large temperature difference air conditioning cold water system. Xu Xinming etc. [ 15] Cold water run large temperature difference air conditioning system of refrigeration system calculation and analysis of energy consumption and effective, and compared with the air conditioning system under nominal working condition; Axial flow fan at the same time analysis the energy consumption of the cold water pump, puts forward the energy saving operation the best temperature of export and import and export temperature difference.
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