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Axial flow fan cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fan is one of the most common fan, application range is very wide and derivative, axial flow fan has good anticorrosion and wear-resisting performance is very strong, a lot of environment are applicable, and convenient installation, is the best choice of the need to heat dissipation function.

axial flow fan is the blade air moving in the same direction as the axial flow. Axial flow fan impeller and propeller are similar, it at work, the vast majority of the flow of air flow parallel to the axis ( Along the axis direction) , axial flow fan when the inlet air flow is 0 static free air, the minimum power consumption, as the jet backpressure rises when running power consumption will increase.

features: fan can save a space structure is compact, easy installation, high flow rate, medium wind pressure, but with low pressure

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