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Axial flow fan cooling effect worse and worse because of what

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fan at run time, its working principle is implemented according to the energy conversion, mainly process converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to kinetic energy, in short, the axis wind flow line principle mainly: chance in axial flow fan electricity runs, axial flow fan coil is energized, this will produce magnetic field around the coil, and the axial flow fan blades internal adherent magnetic rubber magnets, conductor produce the magnetic field is produced with a fixed vacuum repulsion, when the repulsive force is greater than the fan of static friction force ( Axial flow fan bearing friction, wind resistance of blade rotation) , axial flow fan blades natural rotation, using hall sensor should be formed as synchronous detection device, control a group of circuits, coil axis of the intertwined in the circuit of the two groups take turns to work, can produce different magnetic field.

in axial flow fan in use process, if always like just when used together? The answer is no, we know that no one thing to use a long time its performance will gradually reduce, axial flow fan is not exceptional also, so in the process of axial flow fan operation what is the cause of heat dissipation effect is worse and worse?

1, first of all, the first axial flow fan to use time is too long, dust accumulation is overmuch, easy to cause a cooling fan to run more demanding, will also affect the efficiency of the inside of the PCB, if you don't regularly to cleaning of axial flow fan, wind opportunity is relatively easy to scrap.

2, axial flow fan if loose when installed, it can also lead to the cooling fan speed slow, suggest in installing and remove the shaft wind flow unit, so attention should be paid to it.

3, in the third party platform to buy second-hand axial flow fan, generally have a famous brand, imitation, second-hand emerge in endlessly, second-hand is used, and with time is long, speed will be slow.

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