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Axial flow fan application considerations

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fan has a very wide range of applications, the process is simple, compact structure, easy installation at the same time, compared with other types of cooling fan cost is considerable. So in our application shaft wind flow unit should pay attention to what? In order to not result in axial flow fan life shortened or strike.

1, the axial flow fan starts to allow step-down start or full pressure start, in the full pressure axial flow fan starting current is about 5 ~ 7 times of the rated current, step-down start with is proportional to the current square, so when the power grid capacity is insufficient, step-down start should be adopted.

2, axial flow fan installed, one control power supply, one observe the workings of the fan, abnormal phenomenon to stop the machine immediately to check; The first inspection of the rotating target purpose is accurate; Fan beginning after operation, should immediately check whether the current balance operation, whether the current more than rated current; If we do not have normal phenomenon, should stop check. Stop running after five minutes, check for anomalies, fan confirm no abnormal phenomenon to boot.

3, axial flow fan at normal speed, should check whether the fan current is normal, the running current should not exceed the rated current of the fan. If the current exceeds its rated current operation, should check whether the supply voltage of the fan is normal.

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