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AVC industrial cooling fan speed measurement and concept

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Industrial cooling fan speed refers to the number of the fan blade rotation per minute, the unit is the RPM, fan speed by the motor coil number of turns, working voltage, the number of fan blades, dip Angle, height, diameter and bearing system main determinants, structure and components belong to itself.

the external factors that affect the cooling fan speed is the cooling system's environment construct, when relative seal system environment, the need to consider cooling fan fan wind pressure of the fan air pressure is not enough, fan speed significantly affected, and air volume decreased significantly, and can not meet the heat dissipation effect, so the external air pressure is a factor influence the fan speed, there is one obvious factor is the external environment, such as sand, greasy, high and low temperature environment, such as ordinary cooling fan doesn't do protection processing, environment is also very obvious influence on the speed.

is no connection speed and the quality of the fan, but the increase speed, air volume, noise and vibration will increase accordingly, the speed of the fan can be internal speed signal measurement, but can be by external measurement, external is measured using a rotational speed measuring instrument, measuring the rotational speed of rotation speed measuring instrument is refers to the measured object tools, digital display measuring instrument is usually used, as shown in figure:

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