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Automotive cooling fan is not only the extension of life, to protect themselves

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cars can make us more attractive for self-expression, auto rendering have dimensional feeling more, also let stage of beauty! The car at the time of work, our staff background, also will take great pains for auto radiator, so today to share is about automotive related cooling fan!
the working principle of automotive cooling fan and its advantages and features: air gap flux density can be greatly improved at the same time, the motor index can achieve good design, the direct effect is smaller motor, reduction in weight. Not only that, compared with other motor, but also has very good control performance.
in addition, auto cooling fan brushless dc motor, main is eliminating the excitation with the collector ring and brush, in structure is greatly simplified. At the same time not only improved the technology of automotive cooling fan motor, but also for auto cooling fan running mechanical reliability enhanced greatly, increase the service life.
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