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Automobile generator radiator cooling fan noise processing method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In this hot summer, heat wave monstrous, indoor temperature is very hot, a lot of friends in the rest time favorite is driving a go out to travel, go to the beach, blow the wind, swim, a bubble bath. Hot mood to relax irritation, mood cheerful, work will be more motivated, however, the same in such hot weather, auto fault will emerge in endlessly, worry about most is the automobile generator cooling fan noise is big, or as a result of poor car radiator halfway shut down, etc. , so in this case, how do we deal with? The following is by possessing thermal cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning technician for analysis: in this case, the first thing we need to observe water tank and the surrounding parts, if friction is bearing wear transition bearing can be replaced, the cooling fan blades that's no problem to check the motor rotor axis horizontal and vertical clearance, if no problem, remove the motor and check the cooling fan cooling fan for deformation, now in the car repair shop, generally in the whole motor friction problem again and then open the motor to see if the rotor stator. The second is to check the cooling of the cooling fan blades have to other things, if not replace the cooling fan bearings or coupler is ok. If still remains, so you can rule out is the cause of the radiator cooling fan resonance, this with the cooling fan belt or wind the balance of the relevant pages, maybe with radiator cooling bad, dirty effect into the air, causing the electronic fan increased speed, cause the wind noise increased, the problem does not affect the day-to-day use. Suggest you cleaning the radiator, radiator fan page, check the cooling fan fixed screw loose. Really not line, direct replacement car radiator cooling fan. The above is the cause of automobile generator noise and some processing methods, the hope can help you, if you have any need to purchase the merchants of radiator cooling fan, please pay attention to the Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning 】 , our company is specialized in the research radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan, cooling fan manufacturer in all walks of life, welcome to come to consult.
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