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【 Automobile fan 】 The surge of problems

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Automobile fan 】 The surge problem of
car fan has a very complex internal structure. Despite its impeller circumferential is symmetrical, but air flow is symmetry, the relative velocity and absolute velocity field is not stable, two times into the impeller flow medium, rotor impeller flow along the circumferential continually change. On one side of the circumference of a circle in the impeller inside there is a can control the air flow vortex, the so-called car eccentric vortex of the fan. Auto center somewhere in the inside of the impeller, and with the throttling circumstance of different along the circumference direction, it is caused by the eccentric vortex exists tubular. Under certain conditions, the car fan at high speed due to the eccentric vortex enhanced control, can't normal discharge gas inside the car fan or inhaled, the abnormal condition of experimental system, known as the surge phenomenon.

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