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【 Automobile fan 】 The control characteristics of surge.

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Automobile fan 】 The control characteristics of surge.
( 1) By the test, you can see that car fan surge phenomena unstable workspace is the serious problem of car fan run normally, should avoid the area. This experiment suggested the car fan stable work speed should be under 691 r/min;
( 2) Car fan surge occurs with the test pressure and flow of the system has a lot to do. Not easy to appear strong, pressure flow hour surge phenomenon, instead increases as the pressure decreases, flow, fan surge phenomenon is seen as a result of the action of eccentric vortex;
( 3) Car fan while existing in a certain high speed under the condition of unstable workspace, but in low and middle speed, the car fan large flow, flow transverse uniform and stable combined with the advantages of compact structure is quite obvious.

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