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【 Automobile fan manufacturer 】 Fan, maintenance tips

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Automobile fan manufacturer 】 Fan, maintenance tips
the correct maintenance, maintenance, car fan manufacturer to provide safe and reliable operation of the customers, improve the important guarantee of the service life of the car fan. Therefore, when using the car fan, will cause the attention of fully xu.
at the beginning of the impeller and all regular check, as long as there is a chance, will crack of xu, check whether the impeller, wear, dust and other defects. Whenever possible, will be xu, the impeller must be kept clean, and regularly to use wire brush to brush the dust and scale and so on, because as the run time longer, the dust attached to the impeller due to can't evenly, and balance of impeller damage, so that cause the rotor vibration.
check bearing lubrication oil supply situation, if appear the oil box, can put the end cover of the bolt tightening, so also not line, may have to switch to the new packing.
bearing lubricating oil during normal use, should be replaced at least once half a year, used for the first time, about 200 hours after the operation, the second oil change in 1 ~ 2 months time, after should check the oil once a week, such as lubricating oil without metamorphism, the oil change work can be extended to 2 ~ 4 months time, the rules will be xu used brand lubricating oil ( On the general regulations) And the old oil within the tank after put clean and clean thoroughly to insert the new oil. Read these why should I worry about your fan short-lived

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