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Automobile electronic fan how does it work

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Automobile electronic fan is controlled by a thermostat, when the water temperature rise is the highest limit temperature controller, power supply is connected the fan start working, turn off the power supply to stay under the water temperature drops to limit the thermostat, fan to stop working. Automobile electronic fan is of high or low speed by the thermal switch ( F18) Control, the switch has two gears, installed on the tank, testing the water temperature. It give J293 two signals that J293 conduction different open circuit, high low speed control electronic fan. Open the air conditioning, two fan should be turned. But should pay attention to, air conditioning and electronic fan are two relatively independent system, is made up of two computer control, name of J301 respectively ( Air conditioning) J293 ( Electronic fan) 。 J301 just give J293 a signal, the compulsory 2 electronic fan starting. In addition, do not have too much to do. Work of the electronic fan motor current is big, the conductor to use demand is high, its work will produce a certain quantity of heat, generic use low material specifications, calorific value is big, easy cause vehicle fire. Electronic fan to work at high speed, high demands on manufacturing process. Generic dynamic balance is very difficult to meet the design requirements, large vibration in the car, after running for a long time due to vibration, the problem of separation.
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