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【 Auto power radiator cooling fan 】 - The noise sources

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Power supply of car interior heat radiator fan always send out the source of the noise? What causes poor cooling cooling fan rotation and switch power supply noises, here is {by us Possessing - radiator cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning} The technician to tell you. There are three reasons: first, the power supply inside the radiator cooling fan motor bearing is loose. Cause blade rotates in unstable voices,. Second, radiator cooling fan blades stuck or edge, radiator cooling fan motor bearing axial deviation joint sleeve, a & quot; Chug & quot; Voice. Third, as a result of the gasket wear, auto cooling fan motor increases, the axial gap after power up a different sound. Fourth, can easily make with environment temperature is lower in the cooling fan bearing dust condense in together, the cooling fan motor bearing used in inferior oil, increased the motor rotational resistance, make the motor issue & quot; Buzz & quot; Voice. In is to teach you some good methods: first, can use wet cloth to wipe dust, small hair brush or clean the dust, good isolation power supply circuit board with board and cooling fan, wipe clean, also can use the tiger skin blowing dust in the cooling fan blades and bearing. Second, do not use on general motors used lubricating oil, finally put on the rubber seal, oil must be used computer special lubricating oil or high light sewing machine oil, label. Third, if the power supply the voice of the cooling fan is larger, the power supply box is the easiest to gather dust. Generally every six months the cooling fan removed, clean the dust and add some lubricant, simple maintenance. Due to power the cooling fan is sealed in the power supply box, the assembly is not very convenient, so be sure to pay attention to the operation method. Fourth, unplug the power behind the input and output line plug, and then remove the connected to the power supply of all parts of plugs and wires, disconnect the host power supply first, loosen the screw holding the power supply box, take out the power supply box. Observation power supply box structure appearance, reasonable accurately remove screw, remove the cover. Forced to make wire at the same time take cover from the gaps. Fixed the cooling fan of the four screws, remove the cooling fan, can temporarily not welding under two power cord. Fifth, with a long nose pliers pick out the rubber seal, find the motor bearing, tore open the non-drying label. Add lubricant, with his hand upon the cooling fan, the uniform along the bearing lubricating oil flow and add a few drops commonly can. Attention should be paid to the cooling fan of the ball bearing for two bearings, don't ignore the feed bearing oiling of the wind, oil not only on the spindle. Sixth, general cleaning dust and light lubricating is can not solve the problem, then open it after the cooling fan will find blade in axial sliding distance is larger, after take out the rubber gasket, if the cooling fan of the larger & quot; Chug & quot; Noise. Separated by long nose pliers shaft card ring, below is the gaskets, at this time reveal a cooling fan rotor, With fan Ye Liancheng one line) On the basis of the original gasket, made a moderate thickness thin plastic gasket. Finished gasket into the original gasket, pay attention to the gasket is not too thick, axial must keep a certain distance. Pluck blade with the hand, the cooling fan rotational flow can finally mount snap ring, rubber seal, label. Remember the spindle on the gasket, rubber seal, spring, such as small parts, in order to avoid scattered after I don't know how to reset. Above is the car radiator cooling fan some common sources and processing methods. Wish I can help you, more about car radiator cooling fan small knowledge, pay attention to YiRongChuan website information, solve more problems for you.
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