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Auto power radiator cooling fan noise processing method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Met gay friends in the life we often complain that their use of cars to you, how how card, how noisy, what how the big noise, etc. , which we deeply appreciate myself, for desktop car, as long as you buy more than two years, will be a big noise, slow speed of running condition, so what are these causes? Below by possessing YiRongChuan car radiator cooling fan factory technicians to answer why. In general, use desktop for a long, long cars produce noise, the biggest reason is - Radiator cooling fan. While other parts also has the potential to produce noise, but the probability is small, the noise is also won't have much of an impact on people, and in the car can let a person feel the collapse of the big noise, the first - Power supply cooling cooling fan. Due to the power supply has long been at the periphery of the chassis, the most close to the outlet, the static electricity is the most easy to absorb dust inside the case, so use a long time, is bound to accumulate a large amount of dust, if at ordinary times and thin on maintenance, not regularly add lubricant to the cooling fan, the power supply cooling fan will dry for oily be soiled, too much dust, poor rotation and great noise, at the same time can also affect the vehicle running speed, heat is not evacuated, lead to burning hardware. Like if we encounter such a situation and how to deal with? Will be by our company give you a few moves below: first, clean up the dust. We need you to power down (1 As long as the host connected to the power box behind the four screws removed, can take out the power box) To medium hardness of the brush, air pump or blower. In order to prevent electrostatic damage power supply, we have suggested holding a large metal objects, such as metal rail. 2 we need in one hand and a hair dryer to the cooling fan blowing, in one hand and a brush to dust, suggest you wear a mask, dust will be more, if the blades that can take down, it is best to use clean water again. Host cleaning not only the power supply cooling fan, processor and graphics card more need to clean up the cooling fan. Second, lubricate the cooling fan. Cooling fan without lubricating oil or grease is very thick, as to the cooling fan have a big impact, so as to have a great voice. Come on to have the effect very much to eliminate the noise of the cooling fan, remove the cooling fan, cooling fan in heat sink is to stick a piece of adhesive on one side of the wafer. Have wafer, can see the cooling fan axis. If the inside is clean, can directly into a drop of light oil is enough. If you find a dirty, we have to tear open come down to clean the rotor. Can be found in the end there is a catch, carefully remove the block slice, the rotor can be turned off clean. Clean can use gasoline or anhydrous alcohol, wipe up, wait for after completely dry, add oil, the rotor position. Finally affix stickers wafer, can install will heat sink. Some cooling fan can tear the cooling fan on the label, but some cooling fan can't, can only remove blades, bearing oiling. Oil liquid such as sewing machine oil; There are other, such as butter, etc. , sometimes can be mixed to add, conditional can buy better oil use. Third, power screw screw is not tight, sometimes also can produce resonance, which leads to a slight noise, suggest to check the power supply is the stability of the installation, right. The last step, we also don't forget to clean up the power casing and casing dust the dust on the net, and clean up the cooling fan, use air pump and a brush, blowing while cleaning, anti-dust mesh can take down and clean up the best. Ok, that is some processing methods of automobile power radiator cooling fan noise, the hope can help you, wen ling chi car air conditioning is a company specializing in the production of manufacturing radiator cooling fan manufacturers, well-known brands, first-class quality and service, at reasonable prices, products applicable to all walks of life of the equipment, electronic appliances, automobiles, lED, medical equipment, etc. , welcome each big buyers to come to consult understand:
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