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Auto power radiator cooling fan noise elimination

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car power supply cooling fan if you use the time is long, more or less will be a lot of noise, let alone be vexed, so what should we do to eliminate or reduce the noise, here [by possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning 】 Teach you how to eliminate car power radiator cooling fan noise. Conventional car radiator cooling fan is the cause of the noise is two kinds, excessive dust and oil stain dries up, if not that is the problem parts, then we'll talk about specific how to operate. The first dust cleaning power supply cooling fan: first of all to prepare a small bottle of oil and a toothpick, and then removed from the chassis for the power supply, open the power supply to the shell, cooling fan landed, find the cooling fan blade dust collection location, with a soft brush to clean up clean it. Clean up after completion of work, in the middle of the heat radiator fan positively usually will appear the volume, the volume label uncovered the bearing can be seen the cooling fan, dip in with toothpicks lubricating points on the bearing, be careful of oil to the right. After the completion of the stick label back, avoid dust, and then the cooling cooling fan and power supply restoration. For the cooling fan don't use the oil filling, poor land oil not only to the lubrication, it will accelerate the bearing wear, we should choose special products may be able to use high quality sewing machine oil replacement. In the second. Change silent power supply cooling fan: the user can also consider a change in silent power may be the cooling fan, the current market there are a lot of quiet power, the power usually after strictly detection, can effectively reduce the power supply noise. Also to be able to power to change for better heat dissipation cooling fan, switch power supply cooling cooling fan is simple in process, the key is to look out the cooling fan and power supply connection part. Third, cushion: for power supply, the need to position not only only is shockproof radiator cooling fan and ground connection between the power, and connection between power supply and chassis, in addition to fixed strong outside, also can increase thin cloth, rubber gasket, etc in the contact position buffer, so that can buy power supply shock products specially. In the fourth. Avoid large current shock if the power supply noise because turning moment caused by high current, can install filters may be in with a better quality power supply, avoid big current impact noise. Is to eliminate the noise of the car power supply cooling heat dissipation fan above some of the ways, I hope to be of help, wen ling chi car air conditioning is specializing in the production of automotive radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, mechanical equipment of turbo fan peng dc dc cooling fan brand manufacturers, more than ten years of experience in Taiwan enterprise research and development of the cooling fan, efficient production and research and development team, can be in two days out of the sample, welcome everybody to come to consult, and share more related knowledge about heat cooling fan.
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