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Auto power radiator cooling fan did not turn treatment scheme

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Today, electronic technology has been developed here. Digital products almost everywhere, the car is more popular today. Although say as birth, desktop car hire people abandon. But still have a lot of friends for ever, because of its cheap, big screen, game experience more directly the characteristics of still have a special liking to desktop cars, but at the same time, due to large desktop car host individuals, so usually we are put it across to in a certain place, don't move easily. So a long time, the car will often fail, and when the car power radiator cooling fan does not turn or turning when turning, and so on and so forth are the most common, so, how do we to deal with? Here - by cooling dc cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning explain for everybody: auto radiator cooling fan is not turn causes is the following: 1. Too much dust. 2. Line problem. 3. Power supply cooling fan damage analytic 1: car all the year round to isolation, dust surrounding environment, the power supply is the most close to the rear of the chassis parts, or vehicles use time is too long, never worked in the cooling fan to clean dust and so on will cause too much backlog, cooling fan move difficult or unable to move, in that case, we as long as the car power cooling fan to clear the internal dust. Parsing 2: power supply cooling fan cooling fan line loose, will lead to the power supply, it is also common, is often the result of welding power supply internal power supply cooling fan power cord and PCB bad cause, general welding can be again. Parsing 3: screening method, all connecting thread pulled out the power supply, the 24 pin with a wire in the black line and green line short circuit, then connect the power supply cooling fan will turn, if the rotation, shows the power supply no problem, other hardware problem is in the car. Is also a situation is, after electrify to short-circuit the green line and black line after the cooling fan or not, this kind of situation we will be able to connect with a multimeter black pens and the black, red pens and connect red wire or by a 5 v voltage, if there is a normal voltage, is bad, the cooling fan to buy a new outfit. Ok, that is auto power radiator cooling fan does not turn some of the causes and treatment scheme. Hope can help to you, wen ling chi car air conditioning cooling cooling fan is specialized in the r&d, cooling fan, radiator cooling fan dc fan peng and all walks of life products brand of dc cooling fan manufacturers, radiator cooling fan are complete in specifications, can be free for the customer design and proofing directly. Two days can come out, dc cooling fan price hotline 13927478859
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