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Auto electronic control cooling cooling fan fault handling methods

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Now, is close to June day, the weather is getting hot, the air temperature is also gradually rising trend, in such a hot summer and poor conditions, the transport - we use Cars, the fault is becoming more and more frequent, especially in automotive electronic control cooling cooling fan fault, then the car electric radiator cooling fan fault to how to deal with? Here are - by possessing the cooling cooling fan manufacturer Tong chi automotive air conditioning technician teach you electric radiator cooling fan fault handling methods: cars in use, will produce very big inside thermal energy. In order to let the car is not due to internal temperature overheat faults, cooling fluid circulation cooling system is developed by people, and the radiator cooling fan is plays a very important role. In view of the electric radiator cooling fan, control methods used by various models are not the same: under fault condition, say their working principles and maintenance methods. 【 1 】 An audi V62. 4 l displacement of the car, the vehicle cooling system for electronic door do not turn from 'boiled', and turn off the air conditioner, electronic fan still means less than running. The audi's radiator cooling fan control, is a process through the dual temperature of thermal cooling fan relay switch restraint by wire. The car's radiator cooling fan system consists of two electronic fan, their cohesion in red line is the positive line, brown line for iron wire, the positive line is red on the right side girders on a strong positive terminal. The restraint of the red positive line is divided into fan relay at low speed and electric fans, air conditioning relay relay control at a high speed. In time to pay more attention to their status in detail, the cooling fan speed relay located in the engine on the right side of the third relay status inside the fuse box, fan speed relay in a driver's foot in the fuse box no. 217 relay. And fan is low, the speed is through the process of the dual temperature on the radiator thermal switch according to the temperature of the coolant, temperance relay by iron. When close the air conditioning switch, through the process of air conditioning fan fan low speed relay made the cooling fan turn relay moderation. 217 relay earth wire connected with double temperature thermal switch, once the coolant temperature rise to temperature, must be double temperature thermal switch control the relay by the iron, the cooling fan will enter the high speed running condition. Other, 217, the main front of relay and control the front are burning the switch closes Wen machinery Yun? According to the car radiator cooling fan system of truth, as it lacks a cooling fan relay at low speed. But after the mount, radiator cooling fan as long as the high speed gear without low gear. After careful reflection, destroying the invention 217 relay, incur radiator cooling fan in high speed running condition, after 217 relay switching, problem go away. 【 2 】 A samsung jie dragon car, during the process of moving water thermometer temperature disorder, but if the parking the engine idle speed running, the water table is 90 - Between the l00 ℃, while the cooling system has been boiled. At that time, the invention radiator cooling fan means less than complete operation. The car radiator cooling fan control method, and an audi restraint method have very big difference. The samsung jie Long Che radiator cooling fan is through the process of motor car stop moderation. Through introspection, radiator cooling fan ground relay lack of moderation. When the engine at idle speed running condition, the reality with the thermometer measurement coolant temperature reached 110 ℃, but the car still had put in 90 - water thermometer Between 100 ℃. The multimeter measurement temperature resistance of 100 ohms you feel plug, is, the beginning suspicious water temperature was destroyed. In temporary not instead of, seek 1 to 2 k ohms sliding variable resistance and water temperature was parallel with low resistance. If this time adjust sliding variable resistance, water temperature table performance of reality at the same temperature, the temperature and coolant heat radiator fan should follow working temperature depression disorder. It seems something wrong with the sake of reason is that the water was. Because the water was destroyed and it has been to a motor car means less radiator cooling fan operation of high temperature errors on a standard lights. So will the radiator cooling fan means less wrong operation. In the end will feel plug after changing the water, the vehicle abnormal return. Shows, the car of the car to take over the water temperature are the output of a standard lights, when the water temperature reaches the specified value, the car fan and restraint of the wind ground iron, make the radiator cooling fan operation. Methods above are two quite different restraint, but they just let's know what reason, the problem of careful observation and reflection, strange to agile processing line. Above is the automobile electronic control cooling cooling fan fault handling methods. For more information please pay attention to our company's official website, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is a professional wholesale radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc fan peng and various specifications car chassis cooling fan ordering wholesale manufacturer, welcome to enquire. 。
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