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【 Auto cooling fan 】 The za is a technology!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Auto cooling fan 】 The za is a technology!
air volume:
air volume per minute is refers to the cooling fan out or into the air volume, if calculated by cubic feet of air unit is CFM; If according to cubic meters to calculate, is to the CMM. A cooling fan often use air unit is CFM ( Is about 0. 028 cubic meters/min) 。
air volume is the zui important indicators of cooling fan cooling capabilities. Obviously, the greater the volume of cooling fan the higher cooling capacity. This is because the heat capacity ratio of air is certain, larger volume and per unit time is more air can take more heat. Of course, the same air under the condition of the cooling effect and wind flow way.
wind pressure:
wind pressure and air volume are two relative concepts. In general, under the manufacturer's cost considerations, to design the fan air volume is big, have to sacrifice some wind pressure. If the fan can bring a lot of air flow, but the wind pressure is small, the wind is less than the bottom of the radiator ( That is why some fan speed is high, volume is very big, but it is the reason why cooling effect is not good) , on the contrary, wind pressure is often means that the air volume is small, there is not enough air and heat sink for heat exchange, also causes the cooling effect is not good.
fan speed:
fan speed is refers to the number of the fan blade rotation per minute, the unit is the RPM. Fan speed by the motor coil number of turns, working voltage, the number of the fan blade, Angle and height, diameter, and bearing system common decision. Speed and quality of the fan not necessarily linked. The speed of the fan can be internal speed signal measurement, but can be by external measurements.
as the application situation and the change of environmental temperature, sometimes need a different fan speed to meet demand. Some vendors specially designed adjustable fan speed of cooling fan, move and break up two automatically. Mainly is to let users can manually using low speed to obtain low noise in the winter, summer with high speed to obtain good heat dissipation effect. Automatic temperature radiator with a temperature sensor, according to the current working temperature automatic control fan speed, high temperature, improve the speed, low temperature, reduce the speed, in order to achieve a dynamic balance, and keep the wind noise and heat dissipation effect a zui combining site.

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