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Auto cooling fan 】 The good partner of the car

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Auto cooling fan 】 Of good partner
car is a kind of can increase the room humidity household electrical appliances, cars can specify room for humidifying, can also be connected to the boiler or the central air conditioning system for the whole building humidification. Electrothermal car according to the current through the resistance to produce heat, the principle of electrical energy into heat energy, electric heating tube immersed in water, heat, electric heating tube to boil water into steam, RCA type electrothermal steam: create a humidity environment through cars through the electric heating water boiling steam is produced. Through the car is equipped with microcomputer control the production and supply of steam. Through steam diffusion unit steam into the air processor or duct in the air. In the process of the three parts as a system work together constitute a complete electrothermal cars. Automotive cooling fan is an essential part of, moisture evaporates into the air to absorb a large amount of heat, and car interior temperature rising may cause damage to vehicles, so the car cooling fan for car is indispensable.

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