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Auto cooling fan speed standard

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We often use in car involve such an electronic - no device Radiator cooling fan, it is put in cars to brain cooling and ventilation effect, also is the indispensable one in the car, whether the car and its surrounding environment of temperature is different, car at run time, the speed will be different, so what is the car radiator fan speed standard? What kind of speed to the maximum heat dissipation function, and how should we go to adjust the auto cooling fan speed? Below by possessing YiRongChuan car radiator fan factory technician introduce simple for everyone. Auto heat coming from the cooling fan of determines the speed of the cooling fan, we usually have to make the temperature of the cooling fan is no more than 60 degrees, because in this case, the cooling fan turn speed is maintained by every 60 seconds between one thousand RPM to three thousand RPM, only in this interval of the cooling fan speed is normal. But normally we use cars, because the time is too long, or other reasons cause the temperature of the cooling fan for more than 60 degrees, that is to say, the cooling fan speed of more than 3000 turn, due to the cooling fan turn too fast, cause the machine noise is very big, give a person the sense of harsh, but will also affect the service life of the car. Since the cooling fan speed too fast is not good, so if we can adjust the cooling fan speed to achieve the purpose of reducing noise? Of course, the answer is yes, the car radiator fan Speed regulation is mainly divided into two aspects: first, if the car motherboard with the cooling fan has its own performance of Speed adjustment, then we will directly into the motherboard to change some Settings, in the main board special pipe cooling fan cooling fan of the option is in PC Health Status in this unit, in this unit with the cooling fan FAN1 Mode Setting this option, in the cooling fan FAN1 Mode Setting this option included in three different modes, namely the Speed Cruise Mode ( According to the speed adjusting) 、热巡航模式( According to the temperature control) 与智能风扇III +模式( Intelligent pattern) 。 Second, the Thermal Cruise Mode this Mode Settings very much, if you put the cooling FAN FAN TARGETTEMP VALUE to 55 degrees, the cooling FAN FAN how VALUE to 10, the cooling FAN FANSTARTUP VALUE to 200, the cooling FAN STOPVALUE adjusted to 150, once the temperature of the cooling FAN has 55 degrees, then the cooling FAN is running at full speed, and the temperature was not up to 55 degrees, then the speed of cooling FAN operation is 200, while linear rate on the basis of 10 drops, has been to wind speed of 150 so far, has been at 150 revolutions per minute after the operation. In Speed adjusting Speed Cruise Mode has many projects, but as long as find the control chip, and then adjust the Fan2 this option of running Speed is 1985. The above is the standard car radiator fan speed, and adjusting speed method, hope for your help, wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is a professional wholesale auto cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc peng fan manufacturers, excellent quality, affordable price, considerate service, the style is various, welcome to order:
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