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【 Auto cooling fan 】 Plays an irreplaceable role in the car

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Auto industrial machinery products industry in our country has been widely used, however, the use of the car, of course, also without automobile cooling fans, so the car under the action of automobile cooling fan, played a good role, has brought the car get twice the result with half the effort effect. We have professional speed tests have been carried out to the cooling fan, let's come to share about this issue.
speed refers to the fan rotation speed, usually with a minute of laps, i. e. , the RPM. Revolution and the mechanical and electrical winding circle number, wire diameter, fan under wheel diameter and the bottom diameter, leaf shape and bearing used in factors, such as RPM increases, air volume increases accordingly. Numerical size, to a certain extent, represents the size of the air volume, under certain conditions, the revolution, the greater the noise and vibration will increase accordingly. Therefore, under the condition of the airflow meet the cooling requirement, should as far as possible to use low speed fan, fan speed can be achieved by rotating speed tester to test.
so, big air volume to meet the need of more product, but also should pay attention to what it need to pay attention to, in this case, we can update products vigorously the development of the research.
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