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Auto cooling fan of the specifications of the parameters

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
On a hot summer day, the person's body overheating will heatstroke, motor overheating will also 'heatstroke'. In order to let the car safe estivate, typically for the car open 'air conditioning mode' - — Install the cooling fan. With the diversification of auto chassis specification, the chassis of the cooling fan selection is somewhat too. 12 cm and 9 cm, 8 cm, 7 cm of various sizes of the cooling fan is suitable for various chassis models respectively. Here are - by possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning technicians to give you summary of the case, the size of the cooling fan is for you to choose the cooling fan. 12 cm below by the size of the cooling fan, cooling fan width is 12 cm, the thickness of 2. 5 cm, adjacent pitch is about 10. 5 cm, the use of 12 v, 0. 25 a current. Cooling fan speed typically 800 ~ 1500 RPM, air foot speed is low, can have a quiet good cooling effect. In addition to the 12 cm the cooling fan, one of the most common is the 8 cm the cooling fan, 8 cm cooling fan each 8 cm width, thickness, have a variety of options. Need to be aware of it the pitch between two holes is 7. 15cm。 Due to their small size, so the cooling fan speed slightly higher, generally is 1200 RPM. And some is less common cooling fan specifications are: 20 cm the pitch of the cooling fan is 17 cm. 14 cm the pitch of the cooling fan is 12. 5cm。 7 cm the pitch of the cooling fan is 6. 2cm。 6 cm the pitch of the cooling fan is 5 cm. 4 cm the pitch of the cooling fan is 3. 2cm。 Above is some specification parameters of auto cooling fan, believe that you have the sizes of the cooling fan had certain understanding. When the choose and buy, Sam suggested 'choose big not small', try to choose large cooling fan. Because the same air volume, large cooling fan speed is lower, which is smaller noise, in order to achieve good effect on mute. Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning is a professional wholesale radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan, dc peng fan manufacturers, quality is excellent, the service first, welcome to consultation order.
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