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Auto cooling fan noise big reasons and treatment methods

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
For car lovers, radiator cooling fan noise is car trouble, we often meet here are large cooling fan noise from the analysis of small make up teach you some simple processing method, and the reason of hope to be of help. Causes of the radiator cooling fan noise is basically the following: the first: the cooling fan dust too much car due to the use of time is too long, the cooling fan inside accumulate a large amount of dust and dirt, when the cooling fan rotation due to dust jam, sound will be particularly big, sometimes even entangled blades dirt can lead to the cooling fan can not work normally. Touch with a clean cotton ball take alcohol cleaning carefully each door leaf and the rotation center position. Second: the cooling fan lack of oil cooling fan transhipment is bearing the main parts, time grew to a lack of lubricating oil, so when high speed rotation can produce noise. So, we just need to drop a few drops of oil on cooling fan bearing, if there is no use sewing machine oil can instead. But note that don't use cooking oil to replace, because of its grain is bigger, easy to bearing damage. Third: thermal deformation due to the cooling fan in the long high-speed, blow out hot air to reach the purpose of cooling, plastic foliage can produce thermal deformation. Can consider appropriately the deformation of the cutting way of the cooling fan, thus can be solved due to the uneven blade operation and the noise problem. Fourth: the cooling fan is part of the process in high load condition should be the background for the cooling fan for a long time in high load condition to cause U temperature is too high for the cooling fan has been running at high speed - which can check those from the task manager or system process has a problem, such as is not too important, can consider to shut down or disabled, do not understand process can use optimization software, such as the master. Another reason is that a virus, Trojan. A lot of the worm inside the system rapid replication, causing the above problems suggest use antivirus software detected. Tip: car in the warranty period is best not to hurt yourself, you can seek professional help you solve, if over the warranty period, that can be opened. That is about the auto radiator cooling fan causes of noise and some processing methods. 【 Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning 】 Is a professional production research and development company car radiator cooling fan, excellent product quality, if you need a large number of adoption, welcome to come to consult.
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