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【 Auto cooling fan 】 How to solve the problem of car of fever

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In today, the car is often used in the hospital, some cars, however, they may occur in the use of some of the high temperature situation, so our company for this special made a car radiator fan, can well solve this problem, then some small make up to use car provide some advice:
1. Equipment during the installation, should be considered on equipment use influential factors such as temperature, humidity. Need to satisfy the requirement of the equipment using the environment condition, ensure use safety equipment.
2。 Equipment daily tally maintenance equipment should be used when the rise of temperature of the internal inspection as a routine examination items, such as cooling fan working temperature found abnormal, should be timely repair and maintenance or replacement, ensure the normal operation of the car.
3。 For troubleshooting the equipment, do not neglect to examine the cooling fan working condition, in order to avoid other troubleshooting, and really zheng hidden danger has not ruled out. Equipment maintenance can clean the dirt on the surface of the fan, some fans dustproof prevent oil, dirt may not affect the operation of the cooling fan, but the cooling effect will have certain influence.
don't find a good auto cooling fan is one way to solve this problem, in fact, more important is we do with it in the process of using better maintenance and maintenance is also important.
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