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Auto cooling fan how should maintain

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Auto cooling fan should be how to maintain

upward mobility system high temperature easy to lead the auto run unstable, serious still can cause crashes or restart, even damage the hardware device, this is a good cooling fan is essential, if the fan of poor heat dissipation condition should be handled immediately, poor cooling fan is caused increased dust or lack of lubricating oil cooling fan for cooling hardware at the same time, also can bring the side effects of inhalation of dust, more dust, not only hinder the radiator cooling may also affect the rotation of the fan, so fan in use after a period of time to clean up, clean up methods:

1, clean the heat sink and fan apart before, use brush to remove most of the dust on the fan and the heat sink, fan and heat sink for the oily stains, can dip in with cotton wash detergent or alcohol is wiped clean. The morning a cooling fan

2, removed from the radiator fan, open at the bottom of the oil seal, can see the fan axis and the bearing, if the fan in the dust of the place for a long time didn't do clean up, fan on the bearing oil will harden solidification, turning black, then fan bearing grease should be removed first, can with cotton or paper to wipe, etc, also can use the wooden toothpick slowly, but not hard, so as not to damage the coil.

3, and then to add lubricating oil in the bearing inner hole, not too much. Wenling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of a cooling fan

tip: a cooling fan used about half a year to clean up, and use the longer, the frequency of the gas, the higher the case fans, power supply fan to add lubricating oil and dust and fan is basically the same, a friend without electronic basis and experience better don't you open the chassis power, so as not to cause damage of components.
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