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【 Auto cooling fan fan 】 Within the unit continuously recirculation air you know?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Auto cooling fan fan 】 Within the unit continuously recirculation air you know?
auto cooling fan, fan coil timing of is what? You know what? There are a lot of people don't know what east east, fan coil is, of course, also including small make up. Zui through the efforts of the small make up to find, after finally know what for the coil. Coil is actually a spiraling of pipe system. Such as a disk of the aluminum tube, such as show the font installation of floor heating pipe plate, etc. Below we together to simple to understand the relevant knowledge of this product!
is the key problem in the selection of fan coil units. According to the zui large cooling load of air conditioning room selection of fan coil is common practice in the design of air conditioning system, its purpose is to ensure the room temperature when the peak load. And actually running of air conditioning room most of the time is not at peak load, the excess amount of cooling, and switch to the medium and low-grade operation to reduce cold output, thus keeping the heat balance of the room.
choose fan coil units, in addition to the cooling quantity meet the requirement of the calculation of cooling load, also for the quantity of sensible heat and latent heat of match to meet the requirements of the hot wet room than; Must satisfy the supply air temperature difference air volume, ventilation rate and air distribution, etc. Fan coil units as the end of the central air conditioning equipment, its quality decides the effect of indoor air conditioning. At the same time, the cleaning problem has a direct impact on the central air conditioning use effect.
atmospheric dust particles is very much, under the effect of long-term smoking, return air, the air blower of aluminum fin dust dirt, at this time on the one hand, effects of chilled water and hot air heat makes the air temperature drops affected; On the other hand are cooled after heat exchange is also influenced by the cold air is sent out, due to open the air conditioning room is still not cold phenomenon. Because the central air conditioning host after refrigeration send 7 degrees of water to fan coil units, after swapping the fan-coil tube be 15 - 16 degrees cold wind, they lower the room temperature.

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