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【 Auto cooling fan fan 】 The performance index,

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 Auto cooling fan fan 】 Performance index in the
auto cooling fan fan cooling fan performance parameters of the main indicators of the fan: air volume: how many cubic meters per minute to produce wind fan work, the unit for M3min or CFM wind pressure: fan work when the pressure, the unit for mmH2O noise: fan of voice at work, there are mainly the wind noise, electromagnetic noise, bearing noise. The unit for the dB - Life: A fan doesn't work, the speed is lower than 85% of the rated speed is considered due at the end of its life. Life generally refers to the average life of fan. The environment temperature; Refers to the location of the fan is working temperature, environment temperature on the life of the fan has a great influence. High temperature fan life expectancy, low temperature bearing grease is unable to work.

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