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Auto cooling fan cooling principle

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Along with the development of the era of science and technology and research and development, water cooling technology became today's hottest topic, when many friends would like to chase trends within their own car to install water cooling system, however, water cooling method while the cooling efficiency is high, but its cost is several times higher than air cooling system, so for now, air-cooled heat still the main way of heat, for example, including the cooling fan in the car, graphics card, power supply and chassis, etc. , most still use traditional radiator cooling fan. Radiator cooling fan is a heat transfer process - — Several methods such as conduction, convection and radiation. Now many of the cars and the use of aluminum magnesium alloy shell, effect of heat also played a must. As we all know, often have the cooling vents at the bottom of the car, or inhaled or blown out, is very important to the heat of the car. Cars in the planning of time also considering the heat dissipation, usually with legs on the fuselage for high, but in high temperature, the contrast is far-fetched. Then here [by possessing the cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning 】 To introduce the cooling of the cooling fan cooling principle: the cooling fan cooling principle: 1. The cooling function was achieved by heat conduction principle in physics. Will be made of plastic or metal heat dissipation base on the bottom of the drive up to promote the air circulation and heat radiation, can achieve the cooling effect. 2. On the heat dissipation base to install several radiator cooling fan to increase the cooling performance. This way of air-cooled heat including air suction and two. The difference between two kinds of air distribution form is form of air blowing during is turbulent, belongs to the active cooling, wind pressure big but susceptible to resistance losses, for example we use daily summer electric cooling fan; Generated when the suction is laminar flow, belong to the passive cooling, wind pressure small but stable airflow. Above is the car radiator cooling fan cooling principle, thank you for your sharing, more related radiator cooling fan knowledge in 'YiRongChuan'
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