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Auto cooling fan cooling fan why more turn more slowly

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Auto cooling fan in use will send a lot of heat, if not timely heat, as the heat accumulation will burn out the cooling fan. Such cases, the cooling fan cooling fan is required to help auto radiator, by car radiator fan to speed up the air flow, heat will come out in a timely manner. The cooling fan cooling fan is a thermal sensor, when the temperature reaches a certain height, the cooling fan cooling fan will immediately adjust speed to enhance heat dissipation effect, keep the temperature of the cooling fan at room temperature and the cooling fan burn out. So why the cooling fan cooling fan in use will turn more and more slow, how to deal with? Here are - by possessing the cooling fan cooling fan manufacturer Chi automotive air conditioning technician auspicious solution for you: the first. How much for normal cooling fan speed? Because the cooling fan with thermal sensor, so the cooling fan in its rotating speed is different under different temperature, the general cooling fan normal temperature, rotating speed - in 2000 Around 2500 r/min, netizens to play the game some high configuration, the temperature of the cooling fan will increase, so may your cooling fan is beyond the scope of reach more than 60 degrees Celsius, the same cooling fan cooling fan will reach 5000 r/min. But in this case the cooling fan is also normal. So said details of the cooling fan speed is not an accurate numerical value, it is mainly according to the environment and the needs of users. Secondly the cooling fan temperature is related with the voltage. Why do you say so? Because the temperature of the cooling fan is with auto heat output power is measured, and the decision power size is related to voltage, if the car is too low, calorific value is very few, but when the amplitude of the car in overclocking, voltage is too small will appear unknown fault. If the voltage is too high, calorific value is too large, so the cooling fan temperature is too high, will be serious to burn to the phenomenon of the cooling fan. The voltage is difficult to control, so we set up, the radiator won #, set low, cooling fan is not to live, easy blue screen of death and the unknown fault. But normal things we don't need to worry about the cooling fan, the relationship between temperature and voltage in normal condition influence is very small. The cooling fan cooling fan speed is not normal, is certainly with the temperature of the cooling fan is not escape. When the cooling fan is too high, the cooling fan speed will reach a very high speed, so that we find the cooling fan on through the BIOS Settings of the speed more than a certain value, lead to the cooling fan speed is not normal. But in general the cooling fan speed within 5000 RPM is normal, if you speed range here is little impact. Solution: the first step: download master lu, 360 master of hardware, and software, I believe this is needless to say, we all know, the software can be automatically help you detect the cooling fan cooling fan speed. The cooling fan cooling fan speed slow first view is the cause of automobile cooling fan cooling fan to use time is too long, not removed cleaning dust, lead to dust accumulation is overmuch, cause the cooling fan rotation struggling, the speed will slow down. Recommend hardware on car cleaning on a regular basis, not only is the cooling fan and other hardware and regular cleaning the dust, dirt to automobile hardware damage is very big. Another situation is that the car start cooling fan cooling fan rotation is normal, but after the tear open come down to clean up the dust, cooling fan cooling fan speed slow, like this kind of situation, is likely to be after the clear dirt further enhance heat dissipation effect, and then the car will intelligent adjustment of the cooling fan speed, reduces the cooling fan speed. Install the cooling fan, of course, does not rule out the loose friends not installed. Above is car radiator fan cooling fan more turn more the cause of the slow, hope for your help, such as what car radiator fan related issues, please pay close attention to wen ling chi car air conditioning, more related information for you to see, our company is production radiator cooling fan, auto cooling fan, dc peng fan manufacturers, quality and first-class service, free proofing, directly or indirectly from the sample news fast, a friend in need, welcome you to come to consult the order.
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