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Auto cooling fan cooling fan installed

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Installing a car radiator fan cooling fan best between heat sink and cooling fan coating thermal conductive silicone. Should realize that the effect of thermal conductive silicone is not just the heat dissipation fan produced quantity of heat quickly and evenly is passed to the heat sink, in many cases, silicone can also increase the heat sink is not flat surface under thermal contact with the cooling fan. Because silicon grease has certain viscosity, metal shrapnel in fixed fins slightly loose aging, can make the heat sink to a certain extent not separated from surface of the cooling fan, maintain the cooling efficiency of cooling fan. The use of silicone principle is less and less on the surface of the cooling fan on drop a little finger after wipe evenly, otherwise easy to make the case not only the internal dirty, may cause the leakage fault. Fixed heat cooling fan with the tightness of the metal shrapnel, generally can be adjusted, if does not use the kernel of bare radiator fan, you should close as possible to install radiator cooling fan, likely because of the heat sink can't contact with the surface of the cooling fan fully caused by the cooling efficiency and to reduce the vibration. Found in use, if the new installation of radiator cooling fan reduced efficiency in the use of just a few days, usually is the result of the shrapnel slight slippage, such as gear piece slides up a block, etc. When the shrapnel in place so can't for fear of the laborious and careless, must do all it can to ensure that tighten. Don't too hard and also when installation, pay attention to so as not to damage the cooling fan outlet near the components and circuits. Cooling fan cooling cooling fan is the side effects of inhalation of dust, more dust not only hinder the heat sink is ventilated, may also affect the cooling fan rotation, so the heat cooling fan in use after a period of time needs to be clean. The need when cleaning the first unwrapped heat sinks and cooling fan, radiator can wash with water directly, for the cooling fan and cooling with viscous oily dirt, can use cotton swabs or forceps clamping or a small amount of cotton cloth to wipe clean. If the radiator cooling fan after six months to a year or so of the normal operation of abnormal noise increases, generally because the cooling fan caused by internal lubricating oil consumed, need to inject oil to the axis of the cooling fan. Cooling fan cooling cooling fan for the type of lubricating oil without any requirements, common lubricating oil can be used, but do not use large viscosity lubricating grease, or the cooling fan will in irons. Away from the radiator cooling fan, open the bottom oil seal ( General is a piece of black plastic) , you can see the cooling fan axis, during fuel use tweezers or toothpicks such articles with small cutting-edge take drip into the dip, oil till half shaft depth, not too much. Immediately after refueling good seal to prevent oil volatilization, the horse for a period of time, after waiting for lubricating oil into the bearing internal, and should be fixed on the radiator, radiator fan can be used to the above is the cooling fan cooling fan installation techniques, more information please pay attention to our company' Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning 】 , our company is specialized in the research and development of dc cooling fan manufacturers, dc cooling fan of different specifications, you name it.
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