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Auto cooling fan cooling fan fault and treatment

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In the day of our life, often encounter auto rendering trouble, especially when the season change, car trouble is more frequent, most especially the radiator cooling fan fault, then what will be auto radiator cooling fan fault, and how to deal with? At this point, possessing a car radiator fan manufacturer 【 YiRongChuan 】 Electronic solutions for you: a failure: auto cooling fan in irons: the biggest reason is the oil bearing bearing into the dust, lubrication, dry lubricants lost the lubrication effect. So would not smooth rotation. Fault 2: the cooling fan cooling fan rotation is normal, but the cooling effect is not good: the more common in the small radiator, the reason is very simple, is filled with dust between the cooling fins. Need to radiator cooling fan down at this moment, the radiator use brush to clean it is ok to fault 3: noise is very big, when the car boot rotation is quiet, this phenomenon is more common in winter. Reason is lubricant to sneak into the dust, in the cold state consistency, lose lubrication. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan after using for a long time because of friction heat production, lubricants heated liquidity increases, and then back to normal. Fault 4: auto cooling fan noise suddenly become a lot: encountered this kind of question, AC radiator cooling fan to above all is the cooling fan is there a blade crack. Above faults, the solution is to buy a new car radiator cooling fan change, more cost-effective than replacing the entire radiator. Some suggestion is to add lubricating oil bearing, but I don't recommend to do so. Because bearings without cleaning, lubricating oil is feeling better at the time, but not solve the fundamental problem, soon will restore the original appearance. So want to choose a good radiator cooling fan, wen ling chi car air conditioning is professional development and production of dc cooling fan, car radiator cooling fan, dc fan peng brand businesses, quality of service excellent, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days out of the sample, welcome to procurement consulting businesses to understand.
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