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Auto car noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Buy or use a lot of friends in the car after a period of time, will send out the buzzing sound, then you know that it sounds which component? What is the cause! The following is 【 by possessing a car radiator cooling fan manufacturer YiRongChuan 】 Under the electronic cooling fan technician auspicious solution for everyone: car noises, most of the friends, first of all, think of is 'radiator cooling fan'. Yes, radiator cooling fan noise is one of the biggest culprits, second, to cause noise may also be yes noise caused by hard disk and floppy disk, but in general the noise from the hard disk and floppy disks are relatively small, the man doesn't know much, is to distinguish between a heat dissipation caused by the cooling fan noise or hard disk noise caused by the method is very simple, as long as silently listening to, if the issue is 'dadada' sound, that is the noise of the disk, if it is other sounds, it sure is a radiator cooling fan noise. The causes of radiator cooling fan noise: first, buy used for a long time, never to do maintenance, leads to aging, heat dissipation of the cooling fan coil or bearing caused by lack of oil, and so on and so forth. Second, common in the use of prepared, hashing out ah, and so on, lead to thermal bending axis. Radiator cooling fan rotation from the original trajectory, make a sound. Third, radiator cooling fan inside didn't clean for long time, the dust accumulation is overmuch, or internal bearing damage, components loss caused by heat cooling fan rotation is not stable, and internal parts or chassis of the noise a collision of the fourth, the power supply is not stable, high low, cause the cooling fan noise caused by irregular rotation. The above is the automobile noise big culprit and the causes of car radiator cooling fan noise. Hope can help to you, thank you for your sharing, if you need large quantities of purchasing radiator cooling fan manufacturer, welcome to our negotiation, we chi automotive air conditioning cooling cooling fan of the cooling fan is a professional research and development production manufacturers, cooling fan merchants industry brand, quality assurance, first-class service. Deliver, free proofing, first to two days can sample, welcome to cooperation.
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