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Asked the radiator cooling fan you don't know the university

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Small cooling fan, and have asked the university, however, the cooling fan manufacturer tong chi small make up take you know about the cooling fan of some common sense

1. The development trend of the cooling fan

a cooling fan to work in the manner of cooling can be divided into active and passive cooling two types of heat dissipation, the passive radiator won't give out noise, quiet natural effect than all of the active radiator, but it's on the heat dissipation effect will have a great gap with the latter. There are literally thousands of active radiator on market, only a few, and passive radiator number above is a big gap.

in conclusion, although the passive radiator is the direction of future development, but now is still active radiator. Said to active radiator have to mention the key differentiator of active and passive: the fan. Fan figure can be seen everywhere in the car now, with open a car side panel can be seen at least one fan.

2. A cooling fan university asked

in the cooling fan contains the profound knowledge, small make up today about the superficial to introduce you to some car radiator need knowledge of fan.

will first have to understand the parameters of the fan, formal manufacturers of the radiator in the packaging back would include the specification of the product. Small make up in cooler supreme Hyper7, for example, to introduce the general parameters of fan.

the first is the fan size, major general to mark the size of the fan mm for the unit.

the second heat sink size, writing is the volume of heat sinks, today's fan is no relation with us.

the third row is the rated voltage, is under the stable operation of the fan voltage index, common on the market generally for 12 v dc fan voltage. Fan speed unit for RPM ( Revolutions per cent) , this is the fan is a relatively important parameters, large speed show can bring large air volume.

air volume, measure the abilities of a fan of one of the most important indicators, intuitive unit for CFM labeling is cubic feet per minute.

noise value is another important index of people's concern, although has nothing to do with heat, can also affect the users to choose and buy, the unit is the dBA ( Db (a) 。

is the soul of the fan bearing parts, detail in below.

service life, is the literal meaning, and nothing is too esoteric.

joint, is a fan of the more important detail parts, easily ignored by people.

working voltage range, is refers to the voltage range of fan can run normally, generally related to DIY fan speed governor, after a speed adjusting voltage needs to be within the specified range, the fan can be normal rotation.

the above is a cooling fan manufacturer chi share a cooling fan you don't know the university ask content, the hope can help a friend in need
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